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Forever Changed International - Child Sponsorship Page

Let’s Reach the Goal Together!

Children at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala - Forever Changed InternationalWe believe the most secure way to run Dorie’s Promise is through a healthy child sponsorship program. In fact, our goal is to have all of our monthly expenses met entirely through child sponsorship. You can see below how close we currently are to meeting that goal.

It is essential that as a ministry we are responsible in how we go about funding our home and its growth in order to serve even more children in the years to come. We want each person who supports our ministry to understand:

“exactly why we need to raise money and how it will be used if it is given to our ministry.”

Each year, we have been blessed by general giving that, combined with sponsorship, allows us to continue to serve our children each month. However, there is nothing worse than wondering, “Will Dorie’s Promise receive enough additional support this month to meet all of our fixed expenses?”

By funding our home 100% through sponsorship, we can be certain that our monthly obligations to care for our children will be met. This is imperative when entrusted with the lives of children. If we are able to reach our goal, we will be able to use additional gifts to expand our ministry to serve even more children!

We believe that our sponsors, committed to monthly giving, can become the team to completely support our entire home on a monthly basis. So please prayfully consider becoming a sponsor. By choosing to do so today, you are helping us meet our ultimate funding goal, while helping change a child’s life for eternity!

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