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The value of providing a home for needy children

At Forever Changed International we believe that children are the most beloved by God; we know that Jesus used them as the best example of how our hearts should be if we want to have a place in God’s Kingdom.  (Matthew 18:3.)

Every day we see the difficult situations that the children at Dorie’s Promise come from; poverty, abuse, violence, hunger, and a home-life without love. These are just a few examples of what the children have had to face in their young lives. They do not need just a place to live or to be fed; they need more than that. They need a home. This is where our call as Christians takes on real meaning.  We have the opportunity to truly change lives! Through the love, care, and special attention they receive here, our children discover that a different life is possible for them. 

We are blessed to be the ones to show them the real meaning of a hug, a smile, or a nice word. Once they learn that their world has changed, they look different. They behave differently. Even the little ones that cannot speak yet let you know how grateful they are with a look in their eyes. 

For us, there are no words to explain or express the joy and happiness in our hearts when the children succeed at school, help each other, or say the words, "I love you."  We know that one day, these children are going to be the ones changing others’ lives just as their own were changed. 

This is our mission - our calling - to change the lives of the children who come to Dorie’s Promise.  We are also called to spread the Word so that more people can join with us to change lives. We would not be here without the commitments and prayers of everyone who supports the work at Dorie’s Promise. The work is not easy, but we know that we are not alone because we have a team of people across the globe who give us support.