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What Visitors Say…

Carolyn Emmert  

“I made my first trip in June of 2009 and came home knowing I would return because I love Guatemala and its people. I love being there for evening baths and bedtime, when the kids are running around, getting their hair combed and teeth brushed, and then tucked into bed by their Special Mother. Watching them snuggle into their covers makes me thank God for Dorie’s Promise, knowing they have a wonderful home, where they are safe. I know they will get up in the morning to a day of love, food, education and friends to play with. My granddaughter has visited with me and thinks all the children are part of her family; every time I go she asks if she can too! To say I was forever changed is not enough to explain how going to Dorie’s Promise changed my life. I see the world through different eyes.”

 --Carolyn Emmert, Tompkinsville, Kentucky

Matthew Sandusky  

“I went thinking this would be just another opportunity to serve God outside the U.S. but quickly realized this would change my life forever. I have been back twice, with an extended stay the summer of 2012. I learned a lot from Joel, the missions coordinator, and other staff members. They made an impression on my life that I will never forget and instilled in me a passion for Guatemala and the children at Dorie’s Promise. I love how even though the home doesn’t have everything it needs, they still give and help other poor communities. Plus, they are building good, strong Christian kids who will impact their country in the future. It has been awesome to get to know guys there and see them having fun and getting some needed attention. Without Dorie’s Promise, these children might be stuck in a state orphanage or on the streets.  

--Matthew Sandusky, Princeton, Indiana

Sue Curran

“In March 2007, my husband and I flew home from Guatemala with Belen. As we left I was flooded with emotions, including the joy of finally having our daughter with us and appreciation for the special people who cared for her. I vowed to return and continue support of Dorie’s Promise. I have since returned twice to honor that commitment. In March of 2011, my father came with me to help with needed repairs, to deliver food and clothing to poor families, and to see Guatemala for himself.  He was able to see where his granddaughter spent the first 16 months of her life.  He left there with an enormous amount of respect and gratitude. Belen will accompany me on our next trip and is thrilled at the prospect.  She has been attending a Spanish Immersion school (learning her native language) and looks forward to communicating with everyone at Dorie’s Promise.”

--Sue Curran, Happy Valley, Oregon

Kaley Kindred

            “I recently graduated from nursing school and have two sisters who were adopted from Guatemala. Although they didn’t come from Dorie’s Promise, we heard so many good things about the orphanage that we had to visit. On our first trip, when I was 16, I had a five-year-old girl hold on to me and ask me to take her home. That changed my heart forever. I went on my mission trip over spring break in March of 2011. God laid it on my heart that He wanted me to serve there more and I was able to return and volunteer for the whole month of July. I am amazed at how God is working at Dorie’s Promise. I loved every minute I spent with the kids and being able to see a better picture of what it means to love these precious children like Christ loves us.”

--Kaley Kindred, Bloomington, Illinois

Charity Norris

“Going to Dories Promise put adoption on my heart and opened my eyes. I want to be more supportive to those families I know who have adopted children or are in that process. I want to encourage them and be an advocate for kids in need of homes. I am more intentional about praying for our foster parents and different entities that oversee adoption regulations in the United States and around the world. My visit also challenged me as a momma. Those precious moments with kids in the orphanage reminded me to step back and spend more time with my own children. I saw the importance of a mother’s love at the government-run orphanage, where the kids were so excited to get a little attention and know that someone cared, even if it was only for an hour. As a result, I have a better appreciation for my importance as a mother.”

--Charity Norris, Williamsport, Maryland

John Keefe

“I had thought about taking a mission trip but never took the initiative, so I’m glad a friend mentioned it to me. Once we arrived at the airport, I felt nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. However, as soon as I saw missions coordinator Joel Juarez holding a Forever Changed sign I got excited. The best part of our team’s week in Guatemala was the children at Dorie’s Promise—they the kindest kids I have ever been around. I became very attached to all of them in a short time. Before we left, I thought that one week would be plenty. When it came to an end, though, I found myself wishing that I could stay for many more weeks. It has been an experience that has changed my life. I will never forget the experiences that I had in Guatemala and the children that I shared the week with.” 

--John Keefe, Cincinnati, Ohio