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News about orphans

A Good Missions Team

Through the week they spend here, a mission team has the opportunity to see realities that they will never be able to see in the United States. It’s these kinds of things that open their eyes to a new world full of needs and make them more sensitive to God.

A good mission team is accompanied by good attitudes. They are always willing to help. It is really important to have a good attitude in all the places that we visit because we bring hope to families and children who are in difficult circumstances.

During a week at Dorie’s Promise, the mission team has the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our kids and give all of them the affection they need. We also visit the state orphanage, where they can see the difference between the children who are cared for by the state and those in our home. While there, we bless the children’s lives with fun activities and donations.

We also do projects in some of the poor communities in Guatemala City. We take donations to the ghetto and to the dump, where teams can clearly see the different realities of the country. Going beyond donations of food and clothing to the families and children we visit, we also give them the Word of God, because that stays forever in their lives.

When the teams leave, the majority of participants want to come back and relive the great experience they had at Dorie’s Promise. Many of them keep in touch after they leave. Some do so by sending gifts to our kids and emailing with some of the staff, asking how the kids are. The best way that they can keep in touch is by joining our prayer team and devoting time to praying for the organization.

On the other side of the coin, the kids love to spend time with the teams. Some of them have been really touched by

visiting mission-trippers. The weeks when we do not have a team at the home, the children miss them a lot. We tell our mission-trippers that the best way to support us is through our sponsorship program. Many of them are already sponsors when they come to visit. Many more go home and become sponsors to a child they connected with during their stay.

The mission program helps the organization in many ways, not just financially, but also with the love and support they give to our children. We believe that God will reward the time they spend here helping serve the forgotten children of Guatemala.

The long-term impact of the program is the mark it leaves on people’s lives, both those who serve and those who are served. The donations, projects, and time don’t go to waste. Guatemalan problems are deep problems that cannot be solved in one week, but with a continuous program, we want to make a difference for as many as possible in Guatemala.