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Dorie’s Promise Fact Sheet

Location: 15 Avenue “A,” 12-17, Guatemala City, Guatemala (zone 10)

Phone (answered in Spanish): (502) 2417-2300

Operator: Dorie’s Promise is an outreach of Forever Changed International, based in Camas, Washington (Portland area). Founded in 2009, FCI is dedicated to rescuing orphans and providing them with a safe, nurturing environment; adequate nutrition, and education.

Forever Changed President: Heather Radu,, 360-335-3125

Home founded: 2000 (formerly known as Hannah’s Hope)

Capacity: Capped at 40 until donations increase

Children residing there: averages 35 to 40

Number of homes on the property: Four (two for children, one for staff, one for visitors)

Special Mothers caring for children: Approximately 25

Other staff members: Approximately 15

Residents adopted from 2000-2012: More than 400

Monthly cost of supporting one child: $750

U.S. sponsors who pay at least $35 a month to support a child: More than 200

Organizations who visit annually: 30-plus, numbering over 300 people

Guatemala City residents who volunteer during the year: Approximately 60

Unique features: The standard of care at Dorie’s Promise is higher than at many other orphanages. Children receive the kind of care that parents want for their own children, including a safe, nurturing environment; healthy, well-balanced meals; and round-the-clock staffing that includes a medical doctor and psychologist. Children also receive a good education from early childhood through high school and derive benefits from numerous special activities.