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Dorie Van StoneThe Inspiration Behind Our Orphanage’s Name

Dorie’s Promise is named for former missionary Dorie Van Stone. As a young girl, Dorie’s parents dropped her off at an orphanage because they no longer wanted her. Abused daily and rejected by a series of prospective adoptive parents, she became tough and angry. Yet while there Dorie heard that Jesus loved her, which changed her life. Later married to the late Lloyd Van Stone, they served as missionaries to New Guinea. She chronicled her experiences in the book, Dorie, the Girl Nobody Loved. Now in her 90s and living in North Carolina, until recently Dorie served as a speaker for Forever Changed International.

“I’ve known her for many years and have heard how she was horribly abused,” says founder Heather Radu. “I wanted to name the orphanage for her to honor her, as a form of recognition. We try to provide children the kind of life that she didn’t get to enjoy growing up. She has an amazing story of hope.”

To Mrs. Van Stone, the name symbolizes Forever Changed International’s pledge to love and care for unloved, forgotten, and abandoned children—orphans in the same position as she was in childhood. Dorie says they want to find suffering children, noting there are countless kids across the world who are neglected, crying, walking alone and scared to death.

“Our promise is to find those kinds of children, love them and let them know they are loved,” Dorie says. “We need to let them know they’re loved by telling them that Jesus loves them, He will take care of them and promises that He will never leave them or forsake them. I found that promise to be true. The truth that ‘Jesus loves me’ has taken me all the way through my life, from childhood to this very moment.”