Sue Curren

In March 2007 my husband and I flew home from Guatemala with our daughter Belen in our arms.  As I left Dorie’s Promise I was flooded with emotions: absolute joy to finally have our daughter with us, love and gratitude for the special people who cared for her, and also a strong commitment to do what I could for the children who remained.

This past December I had the opportunity to travel back to Guatemala City, a place I hold dear, and honor that commitment. I was anxious to see the children at Dorie’s Promise and to visit those who cared for our daughter so well.  Our group for this Christmas trip was a mix of friends, some old and many new. This amazing group that God assembled all shared the common goal to bring joy and hope to the impoverished and orphaned children in Guatemala during the holidays. Over the course of our trip, we not only had the opportunity to celebrate with the children at Dorie’s Promise and Special Staff there, but with hundreds of other orphaned children in and around Guatemala City.  

We visited several other orphanages and spent time with children in the Ghetto and those who lived in the city dump. My heart ached as I saw the hardships they endure firsthand.  Many of the children we visited were ill, did not know where their next meal would come from, and did not have fresh water, clean clothes, shoes on their feet or a warm safe place to sleep. Seeing life through their eyes forever changed my life.

What began as a pledge to give back to those at Dorie’s Promise has expanded to include the most sick, impoverished, orphaned children throughout Guatemala City and beyond. I am now committed to giving back to Dorie’s Promise and supporting the communities in which they minister. I have made lifelong friends through my experience, and I hope that you too may join on one of our trips to Guatemala.  I guarantee you will be forever changed!