Heather Barnes

Heather  and  Kids

My life was forever changed the day I stepped into Dorie’s Promise Guatemala. Three years ago, while on a mission trip, I called Dorie’s Promise to ask for a visit. It was our last day in Guatemala and I wasn’t sure if we would get to visit because we didn’t have much time.

As it turned out, the timing was just right! After waiting a few hours, a young American girl and her driver picked us up and took us across town to Dorie’s Promise.  In all my travels I had never seen such a beautiful orphanage! Every room had a bright colorful mural with matching blankets on each child’s bed. It felt like home to me. Children were laughing and playing with their special moms, and they completely welcomed us into their home. They wanted us to play too! Everyone seemed so happy that I knew that this was a special place. God had lead my husband and me to this place to confirm in our hearts that this would be the place where He wanted us to adopt our child.

After coming home from this visit, my husband and I immediately started the adoption process. Ten months later our son was born and brought to Dorie’s Promise, where he would be nurtured and cared for by the wonderful special moms of Casa 5. Dorie’s Promise was a safe haven for our son while we waited for our adoption to be finalized.

After we brought our son home we knew we wanted to stay connected to his heritage, and to the people that had helped us along the way. So in July my husband and I lead a mission team of high school students to Guatemala. We were graciously welcomed at Dorie’s Promise once again and stayed at the guesthouse. While we were there we there our students bonded with the children of Dorie’s Promise, becoming their forever friends. We were also able to minister Guatemala City, bringing spiritual and physical help to the people in the Limonada Ghetto, as well as the families living in the City Dump. We brought a total of seventeen people on this mission trip and no one came home the same. Each person was forever changed by the children of Guatemala.

God has placed the nation of Guatemala in our hearts, and now we know it was more than just adopting our son. It was about our lives being forever changed by the people of Guatemala.