Emily Nicholson

Going to college has been a life-changing experience for me, but looking back I’d say I’ve changed the most—and actually found purpose in life—during the summer. That first college summer was when I first came to Guatemala to serve at Dorie’s Promise. The moment I stepped off the plane for that first mission trip I was enamored with ths beautiful country, and my heart has been on fire for it ever since. The prospect of being a small part of God’s big plan in Guatemala has kept me coming back.

I’m now on my third mission trip, and God has truly spoken into my life through the people here. This is especialy true of the kids at Dorie’s Promise. Through sharing their laughter, smiles, tickles, and tears I have seen the simplicity and purity of God’s love lived out before my eyes. We’ve built bonds that neither age nor distance can break!

Now I can see the beauty of the people of Guatemala and how they display God’s glory, even in the most difficult circumstances. I’ve met orphaned children, women in prison, people living in the Dump and the Ghetto, and each of them revealed God’s love to me in unforgettable ways. Guatemala and its people have left me forever changed!