Here Are Some Ideas to Start Fundraising

Raising support can be a daunting task. Yet as long as you’re diligent, prayerful, and consistent, you will find it easy to manage. And don’t forget, it’s not about you. This is your opportunity to get others involved in ministry in a unique and vital way.

 Steps to success:

  • PRAY. Commit your efforts to God. He answers prayer.
  • MAKE A LIST. Write down the names of friends and family who would be interested in hearing about your trip (at least 20 people).
  • COMMUNICATE THE CAUSE. Practice communicating the cause in a brief and succinct way. What is the vision? What is the need (to serve the children, offer them hope, care for their needs, etc.)? What are the specific goals? How can they get involved (prayer and financial support)?

Specific ways to communicate the cause:

  • WRITE A LETTER: Nothing fancy. Just a simple letter written to friends. Personalize it for each individual and send it to those on your list.
  • PERSONAL MEETINGS: There’s nothing better than hearing the vision in person. It gives people a chance to hear your excitement and ask questions. Don’t hesitate to give them a call, go out to lunch, mention it on Facebook, or talk about it at church. If people sound interested, ask them to get involved.
  • HOLD A SPECIAL DESSERT OR GATHERING: Invite your friends and family over to talk about the ministry, share the vision, and pray for the trip. Be intentional. Take time during the gathering to offer specific prayer requests and needs. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to give a gift or sign up on a prayer list.
  • GET CREATIVE: Many people have raised support for their mission trip through very creative ways. Maybe you want to ask your friends to donate items for a garage sale. Maybe you offer to clean a friend’s house or babysit their children. Maybe you help your neighbor with yard work.
  • MAKE A BROCHURE: Use it as a bulletin insert at church, include it with your letter, leave it behind when you have a conversation about your trip, or find your own creative uses for it. 

Whatever you do, be sure to share the vision with that individual, let them know why you are doing the work, and that their financial gift or donated item will go directly toward the cause.  

Make sure you ask them to something.


"I would like your help."

"Would you consider giving a special gift today."

"Your help would make a huge difference."