Partners of Hope


What is a Partner of Hope?

You have served our children at Dorie’s Promise. You have served the poor in the ghettos of Guatemala City, and God’s touched your life through this process.

Now what? What’s the next step for you?

You are now invited to become a Forever Changed International Partner of Hope. Partners of Hope share the message of orphan care, social justice, the Good News, and service that is taking place at Dorie’s Promise, in the ghetto, the dump, and beyond.

Partners of Hope is a program for people, just like you, who are passionate about serving orphans and people in need! Becoming a Partner of Hope means you speak for the orphans at Dorie’s Promise and around the world…you invite people to come and serve…and you continue to learn, mature, and grow spiritually through the process.


How to become a Partner of Hope?

  • Step 1: Come and visit Dorie’s Promise Guatemala on your own or with a group. Since you’re reading this, you have probably already accomplished Step 1. Now it is time to make Step 2 happen....
  • Step 2: You become a sponsor and get five others to sponsor children with you (total of six children sponsored by you, your friends, family, and people you know).
  • Step 3: Bring a total of 20 new people to Dorie’s Promise (no time limit). Yes, you read that right – there is no time limit on this. You keep coming and bringing friends. We will keep track, and when you reach 20 total people, we will let you know.

Note: So that anyone reading this is clear, NEW means people who have never been on a Forever Changed International Reach Out Mission before.

Benefits of being a Partner of Hope?

Once you reach the goals for becoming a Partner of Hope, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Anytime you plan a mission trip through Forever Changed International, your mission trip fee will be waived.
  • Your photo and bio will be placed on our Partners of Hope page, and we will recommend you as a public speaker on the topic of missions and orphan care to groups looking for speakers. You will also have the opportunity to represent Forever Changed International at official events.
  • Forever Changed International Partners of Hope speaker’s polo shirt.

Consider becoming a Forever Changed International Partner of Hope. Whether God has called you to a life of ministry and you don’t know where to begin or you simply want to continue the work you started on a recent mission trip, consider taking the steps to become part of our great volunteer team. You are needed! Join us in growing the orphans in our care into great, loving, godly adults…help as we reach out to those in need in the communities that surround our great home.

Please contact us and let us know you’re willing to become a Partner of Hope.

We will do all we can to help you!