Forever Changed International - Missions Handbook

What to pack – Activities

Activity Packing List

Packing Instructions

We ask that when you arrive at Dorie’s Promise you have all of your donations organized.

Please complete a list of all donated items and their approximate worth so that we can issue you a receipt.

All donations for a specific area of ministry should be packed as follows:

Pack donations in separate plastic bags within your luggage and label as follows:

  • DP – for Dorie’s Promise donations go to the Gift Registry
  • CO – for Community Outreach donations


Pack donations for each area of ministry in separate pieces of luggage

When you arrive in Guatemala, you will organize all donation items with other team members. Your team will divide up what you will be using for your week’s activities and what will be given to the home for future use.

Our mission coordinator will collect your inventory sheet of what you are donating and give it to our US misson coordinator to generate a receipt for tax purposes.

We ask that people follow the above instructions for the following important reasons:

  • We want to ensure that the items you have collected are used for what you intended them for.
  • We have an inventory of what you donated. This inventory allows us to control theft.
  • By declaring the value on your list of donated items you are able to receive a tax deduction for your donation.

Government Orphanages Donations (optional)

  • School supplies: spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, glue, est. No scissors
  • Shoes 
  • Baby Suuplies: diapers, clothing, socks, bottles, pacifiers, shoes, hygiene supplies, est.
  • Toys: baby and children, ages 1-6yrs

Community / Dump Donations (optional)

  • School supplies: backpacks with school supplies for the year. (Kindergarden, Elementary, Middle and High school ages)
  • School Shoes: for ages 3-18yrs, black formal dress shoes.
  • Used clothing: Any size
  • Toys: Any age
  • Spanish Bibles or Books
  • Hygiene Supplies: shampoo, soap, lotions, hair brushes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, wipes, hand sanatizer, q-tips, ect.

Items for Dorie’s Promise

If you’d like to bring items for donations to Dorie’s Promise we have a donation registry.