Forever Changed International - Missions Handbook

Welcome to Our Team

Our Home

Boy at Dorie’s Promise in GuatemalaDorie’s Promise is a home for orphaned and abandoned children living in Guatemala City. Our home has been operating since July of 2000.

Dorie’s Promise is a place where children with no families, no home, and no hope for the future can find love. Unlike other orphanages in Guatemala or around the world, Dorie’s Promise is special because of our facilities, the ratio of staff to children, and because of the level of care we provide.

Children receive care in a loving, nurturing environment. Trained professionals in the fields of pediatrics, education, social work, and child care provide children with the emotional, educational, physical, and spiritual care they deserve. Orphaned children who come to live at Dorie’s Promise receive a level of love and care that far surpasses any government standards set throughout Guatemala.

We believe that every orphaned child is special – and that God has a plan for his or her life. Our goal at Dorie’s Promise is to help the children in our care grow and thrive and become the men and women God has called them to become.

The standard of care for our children is made financially possible through the following means:

●      Child sponsorship program – please consider sponsoring one of our beautiful children today!

●      $350.00 of each participant’s mission trip fee is used to help run Dorie’s Promise.

●      General donations given to our organization.

Without people being passionately involved in our work through their giving, we would not be able to provide for the children in our care. Thank you for choosing to serving through missions.

Your commitment is what allows our children to grow up happy and healthy within our home.

Enter Dorie’s Promise

Our Mission

God has called us to passionately serve the world’s forgotten children through life-changing ministries.

The purpose of our Reach Out Missions program is to give God the opportunity to open your eyes and heart to the plight of the orphan.

Today, there are more than 148 million orphans worldwide. Each one is special; God knows them personally and loves them. He has called His people to reach out to orphans and love and provide for them.

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to meet some very special children, to get to know them and fall in love with them. As you do, we want to show you the harsh world that exists outside the walls of our home. It is the world our children were rescued from. Understanding what happens to orphans outside of well-run orphanages is important.

As you spend time with our children, as well as serve the people living outside our home, our prayer is that you will have opportunities to show people the love of Jesus Christ – that you will begin to see lives touched and changed. Ultimately, we believe that when you reach out to help people, you will see your life changed forever … and that it will lead you to do even greater things for orphans worldwide.

Mission Team with Children at Dorie’s Promise Enrique with Special Mother Prayer at Dorie’s Promise in Guatemala - Forever Changed International

Our Staff

Special Mothers at Dorie’s Promise - Forever Changed InternationalWe have 32 dedicated individuals serving Dorie’s Promise daily. Our prayer is that you will get to know them during your visit to Guatemala. They are great people who work hard and want to serve you.

The staff of Dorie’s Promise are all followers of Jesus Christ– they are the backbone of our organization. Tirelessly working with the children every day, staff members ensure they receive the love and guidance they need.

Our mission team is your primary point of contact in Guatemala City. They will be with you throughout the entire week you are with us.

They be able to communicate with the staff at Dorie’s Promise and will therefore handle any requests you may have. If someone on your team gets sick or hurt, let them know so we can have our onsite medical staff address the situation immediately.

Missions at Dorie’s Promise in GuatemalaThe following is a list of things you can expect from your coordinator:

●      Pick-up at the airport

●      Help in getting settled at our guest house

●      A schedule and leadership for all planned activities

●      Scheduled transportation for all your activities

●      Your meals will be provided daily

●      Leadership of daily devotions and debriefs for your team

●      Help for any specific needs/concerns

Throughout the week, our Special Mothers make sure that all the children’s needs are met. They are dedicated, wonderful women of faith who took on the challenge to fight for the orphans and be the voice for the voiceless.

The calling of the Special Mothers can be emotionally draining – as in any family – so each one finds her strength in the Word through the weekly, mission team devotions offered at Dorie’s Promise. If you would like to prepare a devotion for our special mothers during your week, we can coordinate that with your team.

Your interactions will take many forms throughout your week at Dorie’s Promise. You will have the opportunity to visit and encourage everyone, from the cooks to our Special Mothers. Your encouragement will not only benefit the staff, but it will also bring a special blessing to the children, in seeing your loving kindness for the people who care for them each and every day.

Alex and Special Mother - Forever Changed International Special Mothers and Children at Dorie’s Promise - Forever Changed International Special Mother with Child - Forever Changed International