Forever Changed International - Missions Handbook

General Questions

Arrival Day

arrive at dorie’s promise in GuatemalaYour team will be picked up at the airport by one of our leaders. If you have not already exchanged money in the U.S., your mission coordinator can exchange the money for you at a local bank. Please check to be sure you have all travel documents with you before exiting the airport.

Once you arrive at Dories Promise, you will be given time to settle in, unpack and unload any donations into the donations room. We will have snack food available for those who need it prior to dinner.

Our coordinator will share more about what to expect throughout the week at Dorie’s Promise, as well as within the community. You will then take a tour of the homes.

After dinner, you will begin the task of sorting through your team’s donations and activity supplies in the donation room. Each evening you are at Dorie’s Promise, you will prepare for the next day’s activity.

For teams that arrive prior to 5 p.m., you will be following the schedule above. For those who arrive after 5 p.m., we will need to postpone our introduction to the home and activity prep until Sunday after church.

Departure day

On the day of departure please be prepared to leave the home two hours before your flight.

Miguel PlayingIf you have donation items you would still like to give the home, please leave them in the donations room located in the guest house and let your coordinator know. Please also strip the sheets off of your bed, place them on the floor next to your bed, and place all used towels with the bedding.

Guest House

Our guest house will be your “home” during your time in Guatemala City. The home is on the same property as Dorie’s Promise. The rooms are set up dorm style, with bunk beds. We have four different rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people in the guest house. In addition we have 10 extra spots availible in a second house located below our office house. 

There are separate rooms for both men and women. If you are traveling with your family we do our best to keep families together in the same room. It’s important you keep the room the way you found it, i.e. please do not move furniture to accommodate your own likes and dislikes.

We have Wi-Fi access for all to enjoy, as well 4 laptops.

We have a mainline phone available for those who need to make an emergency call back to the States. 

Please remember to pick up after yourself as you are sharing close quarters with other members of your team.


The guest house has a fully equipped kitchen for your team’s use. Your kitchen will be stocked with snack and breakfast items throughout your stay. Breakfast is prepared by team members each morning.

If you have a special diet and have specified that on your application, our cheif will honor that with the meals prepared for you throughout the week.

You will have one or two opportunities throughout the week to visit a grocery store to make your own purchases for snacks or other items you may have forgotten to pack. The grocery store takes credit cards, so no need to bring cash for grocery shopping.

Both lunch and dinner are prepared by our in house cheif, she provides tasty and safe meals.

During your stay, there will be times your team is taken to a restaurant for meals. This is covered in the fees you paid to attend the trip. Your coordinator will tell you how much money you can spend for that meal. If you decide to order more food than is planned, you are responsible for the extra cost.

Loading the Van for Missions - Forever Changed InternationalTransportation

We rent a 10-passenger van and a driver who will transport you to and from all activities throughout the week. For larger teams we have additional vehicles and drivers.


Please be prepared with cash in local currency (quetzalaz) for your sightseeing day. Vendors may not take credit cards in the local markets.

We ask that you stay at all times with the team. If for any reason you are separated, please go to a local store and ask if you can call our mission coordinator from their phone. The mission coordinator’s phone number is located on the “Emergency Contact” card that will be given to you upon arrival.