Forever Changed International - Missions Handbook

Dorie’s Promise Activities

Church Outing

We will be attending church service at Resplandece Church on your first full day in Guatemala. Resplandece is a non-denominational church nearby the home and is where we regularly take our children to participate in their Sunday school program. Resplandece’s main service is in Spanish, but our director Pablo will be translating the service for you.

We will be taking roughly 24 children to attend Sunday school while we are in the main service. Church service is about 2 hours long. After church we will walk back and pick up the kids from their Sunday school class and return to Dorie’s Promise.

As with any Dorie’s Promise outing, we ask that you always hold the hands of our children as we are going from place to place.

Daily Devotions

Missions Opportunity at Dorie’s PromiseOur mission director is prepared to lead each morning’s devotions. If you are a team leader and wish to lead devotions for your team, it will not be a problem. Please come prepared and we will be happy to have you lead each morning. We ask that all participants are on time and are ready to participate during devotion time.

Day Camp

This is one of the best times of the trip at Dorie’s Promise. We want to give you the opportunity to help our children grow through sensory activities led by your team.

Our mission team will have activities ready for the kids. We will provide such activities as arts and crafts, story time, sports, and many other fun activities.

We have supplies on hand to set up. All you will need to do is love on our kids and help them enjoy each activity they are going to be involved in.

If you are interested in bringing down additional activities for our home, you can visit our donations registry for a list of our current needs. This is not required.

Free Time

You are able to choose whether to spend some alone time or hang out with our kids as they enjoy their daily routine.

Free time at Dorie’s Promise is a fantastic way for the teams to spend even more time with our kids! Our children will be able to interact with you while they are participating in their normal routine. We ask that you stay on the property of Dorie’s Promise throughout free time.

Meet the Staff

Monday morning you will have the opportunity to meet some of the amazing staff serving at Dorie’s Promise. This is a great time to see what has inspired these individuals to serve with us as well as hear about the roles they play in caring for our children.

Going-Away Party 

On the night before you leave, we will celebrate Guatemalan style with a fiesta for all. After a long week of making friendships and ministering throughout Guatemala, what better way to end our time together than to have a going-away party with our kids!  We will have dinner together with the children and Special Mothers.

Mission Projects Page - Children of DP

Special Mother Devotions

We suggest that each team prepare a 30-minute devotion to share with the Special Mothers.

If you choose to not prepare a devotion, our mission director will be prepared to do so. Our special mothers are the reason our children have the opportunity to grow up in a caring and loving home. Through the Special Mother devotion time, our Mothers are blessed to hear about how Christ can work in their lives.

This article provides suggestions on devotions that could be used.

OPTIONAL: Your team can choose to prepare 24 goody bags with one to three items in each bag as a way to thank our staff for the fantastic job they are doing raising the children of Dorie’s Promise. Our staff come from some of the most impoverished areas of Guatemala. Even with their personal lives being full of hardship, they come to work each day willing to give much-needed love to forever change the lives of our children. Our staff consists of: 16 Special mothers, 2 maintenance men, 2 house keepers, 2 teachers and 2 chefs. 

Special Outing

We love that through our mission teams we can allow our children to safely enjoy activities outside of Dorie’s Promise because we have enough adults to supervise.

Teams will take some of the chidren from Dorie’s Promise for a special outing to enjoy one of the following (depending on the time of year and costs:

  • Zoo
  • Movie
  • Lazor Tag
  • Animal Farm
  • Go-Carts
  • Theathre/play
  • Concert
  • Soccer Game
  • Rent a Soccer Field
  • Play Tennis
  • The Fair
  • Children museum
  • Ice cream
  • Fun park
  • Roller skating

These outings are centered on allowing the kids to spend time away from Dorie’s Promise so they can become more familiar with the community in which they live in. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate the safety skills by staying together as a group, holding hands so nobody is separated. The love and care you show the children outside will help and teach them to take care of each other in the home.