Forever Changed International - Missions Handbook




Church at Resplandece with all of the children from Dories Promise.



Romans 8:1-16

John 15:4,5 / 17:17

II Corinthians 7:1

We start by asking the Lord to sanctify us in His Spirit, to release us from the power of sin and fill us with His grace. Giving the week and it’s activities to His care and asking Him to be the center of all we do.


Source of Significance

Genesis 3:1-6/ 1:17

It is important to know who we are in Jesus. Our significance does not come from our possessions, or accomplishments, or national identy it comes from being a Child of God. Those we visit in the ghettos and dumps can experience that same significance.



Mathew 3:17

Proverbs  16:24/ 12:18

Validation is confirmation, approval, authenticity.  Jesus was validated as the authentic Son of God by God the Father at His baptizism. When we validate others we help them find their true identity in Christ.


Christian Values

Ephesians 2:1-7 / 4:17-19/22-23

Taking some time out to examine ourselves and the things we value in life. Do they align with what is important to Christ? Our new nature in Christ includes new values. We will find that what’s important to us has changed. Society needs people with Christian values.


Praise & Worship

John 4:23-24

After a week full of ministry we pause to reflect on the character of God, to worship Him for who is and what He has done. He has been good to us.