Forever Changed International - Missions Handbook

Community Activities

Visit Communities in Need

Guatemala GhettoAs a team, we will be visiting families to deliver much-needed food baskets. The cost of the food baskets is covered in your mission fees. During this time each family will share their reality of living in one of the many poor communities of Guatemala City.

As a group we will have the opportunity to pray and encourage each family we visit. You will be amazed at how something as basic as a basket of food and prayer can brighten their day.

Because this is a community we regularly visit, the children and families there are always excited when teams arrive. We will be planning to spend time with the families in the afternoon where we will provide them with some special treats and fellowship.

If your team wishes to bring additional donations for the Communities, please see our What to pack activity list for ideas.

The Guatemala City Garbage Dump

Forever Changed International has a great relationship with the non-profit U.S.-based organization Safe Passage.

Safe Passage has been empowering the children of the City Dump for more than 10 years by providing programs where children can grow and develop in a healthy manner. 

“Our Mission is to empower the poorest at-risk children, whose families live inside the Guatemala City garbage dump community, by creating opportunities and fostering dignity through the power of education.” – Safe Passage

Guatemala City Dump - Forever Changed InternationalWe will take a tour led by a staff member of Safe Passage. We will have the opportunity to see an overview of the dump, go to the school that Safe Passage started, and share time with the children there.

Government Orphanage – Mi Hogar

Mi Hogar is a government-run orphanage that over 700 children call home. Mi Hogar is 30 minutes outside of Guatemala City in San Jose Pinula.

This orphanage provides shelter for children ages newborn to 18.

The First Lady of Guatemala has been instrumental in opening this home. Mi Hogar has plans for improving the life of the children they care for. However, funding is always an issue for homes run by the government. Around the world, the quality of care is never very good in government-run homes. This is because orphans are not a high priority on government agendas and are therefore lucky just to have their basic needs met.

While we are at Mi Hogar, we will be providing an activity for 40 teenage girls. Each time one of our teams visits, the home allows different girls to come and enjoy the fellowship. We ask that each team come prepared with a craft activity suitable for teenage girls.

Mi Hogar cares for many teenage mothers on a regular basis and lacks the supplies to give adequate care to new moms and their babies. We ask that each team also make 13 small gift bags with items that can be used for babies.

If your team wishes to bring additional donations for Mi Hogar, please see our Mi Hogar activity packing list.