Missions Handbook

Extend Your Stay in Guatemala

Consider These Opportunities

After you have experienced Guatemala with us, we want to invite you to come back and experience all that Guatemala has to offer. Here are just a few of the travel opportunities provided by

photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/kennethgarcia/9731529047/ Kenneth J. Garcia via photopin ccGlimpses of Guatemala

Experience the rich history and current charm of Antigua before heading to Chichicastenango. Enjoy the Church of Santo Tomas as well as the local open-air market. Finish your trip by sailing across Lake Atitlan, where we will visit Panajachel before heading to Guatemala City.

Guatemala Weekend

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the open air market in Chichicastenango, as well as the beautiful church of Santo Tomas. Additionally, travel to Lake Atitlan and stop by the village of Panajachel. Antigua’s colonial era architecture and historical sites make a fitting last stop before traveling back to Guatemala City.

Maya Highland

Enjoy a day at Chichicastenango and go on guided tour of the open air market, as well as the Church of Santo Thomas. Later, spend some free time exploring the village at your own pace.

A visit to Lake Atitlan features a side trip to the village of Santiago Atitlan. Stroll through the village and take in the beautiful sites.

Antigua is a delight for those interested in history and beautiful architecture. After a rich visit, move on to Guatemala City.

Highland Wonderland

Chichiastenango is a wonderful destination, with its open air market and the church of Santo Tomas. You will have both a guided tour, and time to chart your own path.

Before a trip to Lake Atitlan, visit the Indian market at Solola for an opportunity to browse delicious foods and handwoven textiles.

Santiago Atitlan is a beautiful village by lake. It is the last stop before moving on to Antigua, where spectacular sights from Guatemala’s colonial era await you.

Colorful Guatemala

Tour the archaeological sites at both El Baul and La Democracia, both located on Guatemala’s South Coast. Visit Chichicastenago and take part in the open air markets. Be sure to include the Church of Santo Tomas in your sightseeing before traveling to Quetzaltenango. More open air markets–some including animals–await you in San Francisco El Alto. You will also experience the Church of San Andres Xecul and the Valley of Almolonga. Panjachel, situated near Lake Atitlan, is the next stop. This leads to a tour of Santiago Atitlan, and then a trip to Antigua. Antigua’s colonial past will be on display for you to enjoy before returning to Guatemala City.

Guatemala Markets

Tour Antigua, with its historic churches and other buildings, takes center stage on this tour before you depart for Lake Atitlan. On the way, you will be treated to the Archaeological Site of Iximche. Near the lake you will stop in Panajachel, and then Santiago Atitlan.

The enjoyment continues as you travel to Quetzaltenango and then to San Francisco El Alto. There you may walk through the open air animal market and see the Church of San Andreas Xecul. Many people find the Valley of Almolonga, located nearby, to be breathtaking.

After a stop at Huehuetenango you will experience the lively open air market of Todos Santos Cuchumantes. Continue your tour of Guatemala’s varied open air markets after arriving in Chichicastenango. The Church of Santo Tomas is a must-see while in Chichicastenango, so take advantage of your opportunity before heading back to Guatemala City.

Archaeolgoical Tours

photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/archer10/2214580274 archer10 (Dennis) via photopin ccTikal Overnight

Begin in Flores and travel to Tikal, where you will picnic amidst its spectacular ruins. Take the time to soak in the beauty as you tour around the site. Once you have seen the ruins and before you return to Guatemala City, visit the museum for fascinating details you may have missed about the ruins.

Tikal and Ceibal Overnight

Travel from Flores to Ceibal to see some of Guatemala’s stunning ruins. Moving on to Tikal continues the tour of ancient architecture. Discover more at Tikal’s museum before being transported back to Guatemala City.

Tikal and Uaxactun Overnight

See the awe-inspiring ruins of Uaxactun. Continue your tour of Guatemalan history by traveling to Tikal, where you will be treated to both a tour, and an amazing museum.

Tikal, Ceibal, and Uaxactun Overnight

Flores makes an excellent starting point for a trip to Ceibal, where astounding ruins await you. Uaxactun provides a similar treat for lovers of history and lush scenery. A third site visit, this one at Tikal, makes for a satisfying walk through ancient Guatemalan history. Top it off with a trip to the museum at Tikal to find out more about what you’ve seen.

Copan and Quirigua Overnight

Visit one of the crown jewels of Mayan history as this tour takes you across the Honduran border into Copan. Here you will see temples, carved stellae, and other rare, beautiful treasures. Similar sights are available at Quirigua in Izabal. Take your time and  immerse yourself in Mayan history before traveling to Guatemala City.

Copan, Quirigua, and Rio Dulce Overnight

Copan is a matchless example of Mayan creativity. Explore this monument to the Mayans by crossing into Honduras and touring its ruins. Further historical exploration ensues as you visit Quirigua and then Puerto Barrios. An excursion to Livingston is a highlight of this trip, and Rio Dulce follows on its heels. Travelers have the option of returning to Guatemala City or visiting Flores or Tikal (additional fees apply).

Basic Services and Tours

photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/homohominilupus/3964262928 guillermogg via photopin ccRoundtrip Transfers

We will transfer you from the airport (La Aurora International Airport) to your Guatemala City hotel.

Half Day Guatemala City Morning Tour

Visit important sites such as the , along with the Relief Map of the Republic, and the Cathedral. Get acquainted with Guatemala City by visiting the business district, residential area, and Civic Center.

Full Day Guatemala City Tour

This tour includes everything you find in the half day tour, but it adds attractions such as the Archaeological Museum, the Kaminal Juyu, the Textile Miseum, and the Popol Vuh Museum.

Half Day Antigua Afternoon Tour

Colonial buildings abound with local monasteries, churches, a beautiful main square, and the Palace of the Captains General.

Full Day Antigua Tour

Visit Ciudad Vieja, San Antonio Aguas Calientes, and all the top sites from the afternoon tour.

Chichicastenango/Lake Atitlan Full Day

Features a visit to the Church of Santo Tomas, the Calvary Church, and a very delightful open air market. Complete the trip with a visit to Panajachel near Lake Atitlan.

Solola Market and Lake Atitlan Full Day

In addition to time at the lake, you will experience Solola’s varied and beautiful open air market.

Baul and La Democracia Full Day

Explore the ruins of the Olmec civilization through a day long adventure to archaeological sites in Baul and La Democracia.

Copan One Day (By Land)

Cross into Honduras (some immigration procedures apply) and visit spectacular Mayan ruins.

Quirigua One Dy

Beautiful ruins abound in Quirigua, including many intricate carvings and temples.

Mixco Viejo

This citadel, dating from the 1300s to 1400s, was both a religious and military center.

Tikal One Day

Fly to Flores and move from the airport to the wonderful ruins of Tikal. Many famous and historic sites are available to explore here, including amazing complexes, plazas, and statuary.

Special Packages

A Taste of Guatemala

From your starting point in Flores you can visit the ruins at Tikal before you fly to Guatemala City. You will take a trip to Chichicastenango, where the open air Indian Market will delight you. Then you are off to Solola for a sightseeing tour. You will also sail Lake Atitlan to get to the village of Santiago Atitlan, which is a wonderful sight, and then it’s on to Antigua for more of Guatemala’s fascinating history.

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