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Forever Changed Coffee Available for A Donation

You have been asking for it…and now it is here! Forever Changed Coffee made from El Injerto beans and roasted by Zaidalia Roasters in Philomath, Oregon. Now the taste of the coffee we serve at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala can be enjoyed in your home. We invite you to join us in the special project that provides you great coffee and the opportunity to help the orphans at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

The cost for each 1-pound bag is $25. And although that may sound like a lot, remember that these beans are special — if you were to buy a blend of coffee like this at Starbucks or Coffee People, you would pay about $20 a pound for it. The great thing about Forever Changed Coffee is that everything above our production costs goes directly to helping run Dorie’s Promise Guatemala.

The supply for this world-class coffee is limited. Really limited! There are a limited number of bags available.  If you are looking for a really rare and special gift, this is it.

In addition to great coffee and helping orphans, the bags are beautifully designed. We designed them to make you smile each time you pull the coffee out to make some. Each bag features pictures of the children who live at Dorie’s Promise smiling and enjoying life. This is what these bags offer…an opportunity to help abandoned little ones have a full and abundant life.

Order your bags of Forever Changed Coffee today. And send us your feedback. Let us know what you think. Share this special gift with people you love. Let’s use Forever Changed Coffee to introduce people to the amazing work we are doing in Guatemala and invite people to get involved and change lives — and see their lives changed too!

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